MUN Committee

MUN stands for Model United Nations. This committee is a derivative of our prestigious NMUN-project, which is also worth looking into. The MUN Committee organizes events where you can learn about public speaking, negotiating techniques, lobbying, writing position papers, and many more skills taught in the NMUN-project. The committee will be setting up events aimed at offering students both a taste of the real NMUN-project as well as valuable skills for the rest of their lives.

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Board Supervisor: Bas van Kruining


  • Mariami Beriashvili

    Mariami Beriashvili


  • Leah Fellenz

    Leah Fellenz


  • Elisa  Offermann

    Elisa Offermann


  • Claire Weiser

    Claire Weiser

    Commissioner of Events

  • Iva Jozic

    Iva Jozic

    Commissioner of External Relations