Pedagogical Sciences Committee

This year, the Pedagogical Sciences Committee is made up of five enthusiastic students. The goal of this committee is to organize pedagogically relevant activities for students studying Pedagogical Sciences. This way students are challenged to discover the field and participate in extra-curricular activities. In the past year, we have visited youth detention center Hartelborgt and a school for mentally handicapped children in Rotterdam Zuid, among a lot of other very interesting activities. Are you interested in participating? Stay tuned through Facebook!

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Board Supervisor: Yoëlle Kruijswijk


  • Frenky van Zeelst

    Frenky van Zeelst


  • Naomi Rook

    Naomi Rook


  • Carlijn Bodegom

    Carlijn Bodegom

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Candice Moolenaar

    Candice Moolenaar

    Commissioner of External Relations