How to 'upgrade' your student life in February


There is a saying that university years are the best years of your life. All these wonderful moments are usually coming into a student’s life in a natural and random way by just starting the course, making new friends or exploring the city. Nevertheless, after some time I have realized that besides the fact that this is true, there is always a “but”. But what if I want to expand my social circle now? But what if I feel that my academic evolvement is stagnating? What if I can do more?

To answer this dilemma, I came up with a ‘personal-experience’ plan, that involves only one ingredient: Facebook.

The easiest way through which you can maximize your achievements is by visiting as many as possible events. The fastest way to find these events is by having a look on Facebook. But to help you with that, here is a list with what might improve your goals.

Need more friends?

You can always look up some parties in Rotterdam as the city never sleeps. If you are an international student, joining a new place will help you discover how locals like to have fun and how easy it is to meet people from various countries.
If you are not a party person, no worries, Cedo Nulli's got your back. There is always a chance to attend quizzes, food workshops and many other events that match your interests.

Here they are:

Want to improve your English? (or any other language)

When it feels like you lack some words, try to visit a library where you can buy or borrow a new book. It will immediately increase your vocabulary and chances of getting better grades on assignments. A great place where you can find books in multiple languages are Donner and Central Library Rotterdam.

Want to show the world what you’re good at?

Picking events that are matching your interests and talents are not just excellent for your development but also can help you create great connections in the needed social entourages. Let your skills shine at every possible occasion while EUR takes care of the rest.

 Finally, I can say that yes, university years are fun, but if you put some effort in your daily activities than it truly becomes the greatest experience of your life. If you do not want to miss any other upcoming events, don’t forget to follow @cedonulli.eur on instagram!