It’s more than just a birthday box


An interview with Huib Lloyd, founder of Stichting Jarige Job


Imagine being a 8 year old child  with your birthday around the corner. You’ve seen all the birthdays of your best friends and how they handed out treats for everyone in class. However, your parents told you that there isn’t enough money for you to hand out treats in class. You feel ashamed because that would mean that you are the only one who isn’t handing out treats on your birthday, so your parents decide that you’ll stay home. The day after your birthday you’re back at school and when your classmates ask you where you were, you just say ‘sick’…

I don’t think many of us can imagine this scenario, but it is happening. While we think that poverty is only far away, it is also here in the Netherlands. Whilst in one street you see that things are going well, in the next street you see poverty. When you go inside the houses especially, you’ll see a kind of hidden poverty. This hidden poverty sometimes even includes not having enough money for the birthday of a child.

“An organization that consists positivity”

Ten years ago, after the birth of Huib Lloyd's son, they received far too many gifts. One year later, for his 1st birthday, the received far too many presents again! There were so many that Huib didn’t even know what to do with them. After reading some research about Dutch poverty, he noticed the problem and decided that something needs to be done about it. And here is where it all started. The name, Job, comes from his brother that died during this time which made the organisation even more personal. The term Jarige Job arose. However, if he was going to do it, it had to be the most beautiful and coolest organization there is. An organization that is built on positivity.

“That is what we do, here at Jarige Job, we provide birthday packages.”


Stichting Jarige Job works together with the Voedselbank to carry out screening and make sure that the packages get to the right people. These are families who have to live on about 12/13 euros a day. In addition to the screening, they also do the logistics. A week before the birthday of the child, the parents get the birthday box with the regular food package. Because they are able to do it this way, Stichting Jarige Job can remain anonymous. It is the parents who ensure that the birthday can be held. These packages contain everything you need to make a birthday a very nice family party. Streamers, balloons, birthday cake, some treats, multiple gifts and most importantly; treats for the class at school.

Pieter can’t celebrate his birthday because there’s no money.”

The organisation tries to make more people a part of Stiching Jarige Job, from kids to elderly. It is easy to explain to a child: tell a child that someone can’t celebrate his or her birthday because of money and the light goes on. The child will refer to his/her own birthday, to something positive and that is not possible for all the children. That is why Huib Lloyd developed an education programme. Huib Lloyd also tries to involve young people who face barriers to the labour market.  “They walk around like they are the boss. And at the end of the they, they feel proud of what they have done for another.” Stichting Jarige Job also offers company outings in the form of teambuilding; first a meeting, then the packing. They also organise the valentine’s day event; Daten met je hart. In addition to all this, they even organise more serious things like matching refugees with partner organisations who offer them their first jobs. This creates a beautiful connection.

“We get questions from companies, asking what the can do for us. It’s not about the money. You are dependent on it, but it will come naturally. The companies are the ambassadors. We look at how we can use them, for example, by using their expertise or network. You need to make things concrete and tangible.”

Stichting Jarige Job is all about birthday packages. In the meantime, they are making many connections. It is also relationship management, realizing added value by making connections. Stichting jarige job is more than just a birthday box.

“Do something for someone else. Because every child deserves a birthday” – Stichting jarige job